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MIQID is an intelligent digital ID that acts as your personal data key.

Make life easy for yourself

Collect your data in one login

Health data, health insurance certificates, payment cards, codes, customer clubs, fitness subscriptions – when you use MIQ ID, you have everything gathered in one login.

Share with those you want

With MIQ ID you have full control over your data. Only you can give counterparties access to name, age, preferences and other information that may be relevant.

Safe, simple. validated

Your data is stored on your MIQ ID, encrypted in the cloud. And only there. MIQ ID helps you manage counterparty access.

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MIQID will soon be available in Google Play and App Store.

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The key to next generation's gdpr and customer relationship

MIQID is an innovative digital ID that completely changes the way you shop.

Before miqid

Your company has had to agree to spend an unreasonable amount of resources on proper collection and processing of personal data. Targeted advertising and personal marketing have long been part of your business strategy. Yet you are on the sticks. Your customers are more demanding than ever. You know that it is no longer enough to follow developments and see where it takes you…


You access the market’s users via MIQ’s underlying PDEX engine, which ensures that you comply with all GDPR guidelines at all times, because the users themselves control their data sharing.

You have also taken a quantum leap into modern, personalized marketing. Your customers have become more loyal. And your cost of administering GDPR is minimized.

MIQID is a digital ID that can be validated and compared to a safe deposit box. You have the key. And without you and your commitment, the box is completely locked.

MIQID is the digital id of the future

quick registration

When you have MIQID, it is easy to exchange information with counterparties – also in physical stores on the go via using QR code scan or with chip scan if your phone supports this.

user friendly and intuitive

With MIQID, you are thought to be at the center of the app’s function. As a consumer, you make relevant data available to counterparties – when and where you want it, and to help the counterparty help you more effectively.

constant overview

You do not have to keep in mind your settings. MIQID constantly reminds you of open access to counterparties, which you can choose to close – or leave available to a counterparty you trust.