It should be plug and play so that it is easy to integrate into your platform

Dynamic design

MIQID makes it possible to work with dynamic design. It enables you, among other things, to design your website based on user data, eg gender, age and postcode.

MIQID dynamic design is particularly smart because it allows you to create customized content that speaks individually to each user.

example of dynamic design

You can, for example, change the font, colors and content based on the user’s gender. When men visit the website, for example, he could see a masculine font with clear colors, while the font e.g. could be feminine and dusty colors by women.


MIQID users identify with their history, which allows you to communicate directly to them. Our research shows that it increases your conversion rate by only presenting interesting and relevant products to users.

The special thing about MIQID marketing is the access to the MIQID marketplace. It acts as a push medium where the user can define what they are looking for. It could, for example. be a pair of blue Nike shoes size 43. It offers completely unique opportunities for you to be able to customize products and offers that suit the user and the market right now.

It is also possible to use the technology to create dynamic newsletters, where the content is based on the user’s demographics and interests.


Using MIQID, users store their receipts in the MIQID. It allows users to tell you what they are interested in.

The user can be enriched with offers and inspiration relevant to them. By knowing their history, you only show selected products. With insight into the users’ receipt data, you avoid sending information that is irrelevant.

At MIQID, we anonymously collect users’ receipts to be able to see market developments and trends. That way you get valuable data that is otherwise inaccessible.

CVR validation

MIQID validation gives users an assurance that your business exists in the CVR register.

When a company applies to be CVR validated, we review your application and check that you are CVR registered. We do this to ensure that the companies in MIQID are not fake. It benefits both you as a company, but also the users, because they know that you exist, as we have approved you.

The advantage of being CVR validated is that it helps to strengthen your business. It makes you even better at running your business, where you can focus on clear communication and good service to the users.

MIQID - Integrationer - checkout

Quick MIQId check out

MIQID fast check out provides an optimized payment process with just 3 clicks. The solution is more convenient for the users as they do not have to fill in their information every time they shop online.

According to the Baymard Institute, 70% of all products added to the shopping cart never turn into real purchases. All studies indicate that a shorter chechout process helps to increase the overall conversion rate. With MIQID quick check out, we shorten the payment process, which can help increase the conversion rate.

API (Application Programming Interface)

At MIQID, we offer an API interface that makes it possible to integrate with other systems. We are working on MIQID being used widely across several different software integrations. By choosing an API interface, we make it simpler and painless for your developers to access our platform.

If you have a specific project where you want to use our API, we offer to put it together to suit your structure – it could be for example export declarations or declarations of good faith – it is only the imagination that sets borders.

custom system integration

At MIQID, we build the integration to the major known platforms, so it becomes easier to integrate into the known systems. There are many systems in the world, so we are constantly working to make integrations to the largest and most widespread systems on the market.

If you do not have developers who can integrate the system, we have a selection of partners who can be helpful.