Loyalty club


What is MIQID Loyalty Club?

With the MIQID loyalty club you get a number of functions that strengthen the relationship between company and customer. The Loyalty Club can be implemented on any website. We have made it easy for you as a company.

With the MIQID loyalty club, you provide members of the club with an extraordinarily good experience designed and adapted to the individual user. The users get a more pleasant experience because the website is designed and adopted on the user’s archetype and behavior pattern.

What do you get out of the loyalty club?

We’ve tried to make your job easier. At MIQID, we know the certain communication areas that are time-consuming and costly but efficient to work with. That’s why we built these areas into the loyalty club. We did this to give you a toolbox of features that work.


▸ MIQID has its own integrated market platform for trading. This means that users can access products that are specific to them, based on their interests and previous purchases

▸ Marketplace integration gives you access as a company to a platform where you gain insight into users’ demands and interests

▸ Marketplace product selection is automated and selected based on the user’s stated interests and shopping habits


▸ You provide customers with high quality service. Because you know the archetype, each customer is met with specific offers that suit the customer

▸ With this information you are able to deliver targeted user-oriented marketing with the same or better budget than you have had in the past

▸ As a company you automatically gain insight into trends within the behavior patterns of archetypes. This allows you to better monitor market developments and adapt ranges

Subscription solution

▸ MIQID subscription solution is divided into two areas: Buying products on subscription – or being offered cheaper products through subscription solution to the loyalty club

▸ For example, subscription solution to the loyalty club could offer members free shipping and/or 10% off all products

▸ You can offer members to purchase products on subscription. It could be the VIP box of the month with exclusive hair products or the stocking-pack of the month


▸ We are offering a points system that gives you more opportunities to reward your loyal members of the customer club

▸ Allow loyal members to use earned points to purchase products – these may, for example, be specially selected products

▸ Give loyal members the opportunity to come to special events where, for example, a well-known personality comes and gives lectures, teaches or tells personal stories

Differentiated shipping

Special pre-sales and offers on anniversaries

GDPR handling

▸ We help you acclimatize to the management of GDPR

▸ With MIQID, you do not need to store users’ personally sensitive data. You no longer have to handle data in the vulnerable layers

▸ Using MIQID reduces the risk of fines by up to 80% as estimated by our legal advisors

You can offer exceptional service