PDEX ©️ technology

PDEX stands for Private Data EXchange

PDEX © technology

The software company MIQ invented the PDEX © technology in 2019, which was used in the software product MIQID. PDEX © ️ is a proprietary format managed by MIQ, which allows individuals to store private identity data in a cloud solution managed by the individual.

After a digital handshake process with internet counterparts (websites / webshops / physical stores or other private) users can exchange data about themselves with the counterparty without having to enter all the data and without having to perform a specific login on the website or counterpart.

PDEX © technology allows websites to display relevant data to the private counterparties based on their basic details such as age, gender and zip code. The technology also allows the display of relevant data based on users’ common personal interest in the specific site. The technology has not yet been released for use by anyone other than MIQ.