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MIQID plugins for WordPress

MIQID core plugin icon

MIQID Core for wordpress

MIQID Core delivers
– Log in service
– Shortcode for profile display
– Possible to design the website based on user data

Through our login service, you get an easy and fast login with MIQID. MIQID Core makes it possible to customize the website’s design and layout depending on the user’s data. Example: Change website colors based on gender – Blue and green tones for men, but red and purple tones for women.

* This plugin is required when using other WordPress plugins developed by MIQID.

MIQID elementor plugin icon

MIQID Elementor for wordpress

MIQID Elementor is built to support dynamic fields based on user data from MIQID.

In the current version it is possible to
– Dynamic images
– Dynamic text
– Icon list
– Hide / show text based on assumptions

* This plugin required MIQID Core to be installed.v

Upcoming MIQID plugins for WordPress

MIQID woocommerce plugin icon

MIQID WooCommerce for wordpress

MIQID WooCommerce saves receipts from WooCommerce and delivers them to the MIQID user’s profile. The plugin can help display product categories based on the user’s demographics and interests.

* This plugin required MIQID Core to be installed.

Coming soon ..