Support for businesses

Do you need any technical support? We have a tema of technical supporters, that would love to help you with the problems and challenges you have. 

Are you a developer?

We have made a site for you guys. For the developers around the world, that would like to use our stuff. At the developer site you find guides and documentation for our products. You can read more about

  • CVR validation
  • Pay gateway
  • Keyhole & dashboard
  • System integration
  • NFC validation
  • Archetype
  • Digital ID paper
  • Bigdata & AI

Our support team is here to help you and make your work with MIQID easier

We are here to help you

do you have a problem or question?

If you experience problems or challenges with either downloading, creating or customizing MIQID, we are always ready to help you. You can create a support case with us. We will return as soon as possible.

frequently asked questions

You can take a look at our FAQ section, where we have answered the frequently asked questions. This is regarding technicality, functionality and regular use of the application, dashboard and browser extension.