Validation with certificates

ID scanning of passports, driving licenses and health insurance cards

how to validate an MIQID

▸ The user must be validated to be able to use MIQID for more than just profile information

▸ The user receives a legal document that is signed online. It assures MIQ who that person is

▸ The user receives a unique personal code, which must be entered together with the self-selected code for MIQID

▸ Once the user is validated, MIQID can be used in full

Kan Companies may require to accept only validated MIQID users

Scanning of passports, driving licenses or health insurance cards

▸ Once the user has been validated, he or she can scan in his / her passport, driving license or health insurance. Our AI engine checks if the validated social security number matches the ID. In this way, we ensure that the scanned IDs of MIQID users are correct

▸ You can thereby have confidence that your customers are who they say they are

▸ The function helps to prevent identity theft

▸ Our AI engine loads the user’s ID card, which is automatically filled in with the information in MIQID

Easy handling of consent forms

▸ With validated MIQID users, it is easy to get the necessary declarations of consent

▸ Example: Companies that handle export declarations that ensure customers’ nationality

▸ Example: As an online webshop that e.g. If you sell cigarettes or alcohol, you are assured with MIQID that your customers comply with the age limit