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Value-creating for both user and company

So what is the big advantage?

Gdpr management - efficient and competitive

With MIQID, your business meets consumers who use MIQID, thus storing their personal information and preference information on a unique, personal data key.

When MIQID users leave the company’s website or webshop, they carry all personally sensitive data with them. Your company stores only the anonymous but important statistical data as well as accounting data.

With MIQID, you avoid the cumbersome handling of users’ personal data. It provides massive administrative relief and savings. A huge upgrade, not least in terms of security, maintenance and future expansions.

Marketing that is only possible with MIQID

MIQID gives your company’s customers control over their own data. By default, your customers indicate, among other things, their gender, age, country and postcode. They can voluntarily indicate what they are interested in – and perhaps what they have already bought and to enhance your service.

When MIQID users scan in a physical store or log in to your company’s website, it is the customer’s own data combined with your company’s data that gives them access to a unique and secure customer experience.

Companies that build their organization around the individual customer and intelligent data exchange will change the whole game to do business - and leave competitors in the dust

What can MIQID do?

▸ All-in-one toolbox

MIQID gives your company a toolbox to optimize your entire customer journey. You can serve MIQID users on an individual level, where content, colors and fonts can be displayed dynamically – determined by the user’s preferences and interests.

▸ Security

Via validated MIQID, your company ensures that users are who they pretend to be. It helps eliminate transactions with fake profiles and the use of stolen credit cards.

▸ Paperless completion of declarations

MIQID enables lightning-fast and paperless filing of statements. Export declarations, loan applications, declarations of good faith, declarations of consent and proxies. The possibilities are many when consumers have access to quick and convenient exchange of identification.

▸ Validated user

MIQID users can validate their digital identification profile with MIQID in collaboration with ContractBook. Therefore, one can rely on information available through MIQID.

▸ Customizing MIQID for your business

MIQID can be customized and expanded with additional fields in the system that are important to your business. This could be, for example, export declarations, specific interests, etc.

The key to next generation GDPR and customer relationships

MIQID is an innovative digital ID that completely changes the way users shop

Before miqid

Your company has had to agree to spend an unreasonable amount of resources on the proper collection and processing of personal data. Targeted advertising and personal marketing have long been part of your business strategy.

Yet you did not succeed 100%. Your customers are more demanding than ever. You know that it is no longer enough to follow developments and see where it takes you.


You will gain insight into the behavioral patterns of the archetypes via MIQ’s underlying PDEX engine, which ensures that you comply with all GDPR guidelines at all times, because the users themselves control their data sharing.

You have also taken a quantum leap in modern, personal marketing, which allows you to market to the individual. This means that your customers become more loyal and that your costs for administering GDPR are minimized.

MIQID is an innovative digital ID that completely changes the way users shop

What is the potential of miqid?

▸ More personal marketing than ever before

MIQID tailors your company’s website based on archetype data and the MIQID user’s personal data. With the consent of the MIQID user, you get access to present exactly the content that the individual users are interested in – and omit what they do not want to hear about.

▸ More targeted sales in loyalty clubs

MIQID users who choose to provide access to targeted marketing get a unique user experience. An experience reminiscent of the physical encounter with a store assistant who reads customers by physically looking at them, asking them and serving them in the best way.

▸ Optimization of shipments

MIQID users can specify body, clothing, and shoe sizes in their MIQID profile. This kind of information means fewer exchanges of goods and reduced shipping costs, due to fewer incorrect shipments.

▸ High degree of ethics

In a hyper-connected world, where algorithms control a growing part of everyday life, both customers and authorities require a high degree of ethics in data processing. The built-in handling of GPDR control by the MIQID user ensures just that. This reduces the cost of GPDR administration – and reduces the risk of fines.

▸ Accurate communication

MIQID has, based on the theories of the world-renowned psychologist Jung, developed an MIQID personality analysis. Based on MIQID’s personality profile, an archetype profile is created, which the MIQID user receives, which can then help communicate very accurately.